Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

As a parent, you are a role model to your children. Healthy eating habits can be taught and nourished as your children grow up. Learn how to encourage healthy eating for your children by following these tips:

Your Kids Will Learn from Watching You:

Smile when you eat your fruits and vegetables, and your kids will too! You may not know it, but your child is looking at the foods you eat. Choose healthy, and they will eat like you!

Introduce New Foods to Picky Eaters:

Do you know a picky eater? Introducing new foods can be challenging. But to young children, all food is new and different. It takes time and experience for them to become comfortable with eating. As your child grows up and matures, so will their food preferences. It can take up to ten tries for your child to try a new food or meal. Just because your child refuses a food repeatedly doesn’t mean they’ll never eat it – be patient.

Cook Together:

Let your child be involved with grocery shopping and meal preparation to get them excited about tasting new foods. At the grocery store, let them pick out the produce and other ingredients off the shelves.

Eat Together:

Sharing a meal as a family is the best way to introduce new foods and encourage better eating habits. Silence your cellphone and turn off the TV to engage in conversation with one another.

Have Fun!

Introducing new foods in fun, creative ways will entice your child to try it. Finger foods and fun dips are popular ways to introduce fruits and vegetables.